Display models. I don’t get this. In a shop the other day to buy a Tassimo coffee machine. Chose the one I wanted, asked some shop guy for it, and he said they were out of stock. No, I said, there’s one. And there it was, security padlocked to the shelf next to a single version of all the other coffee machines.

     But that’s the display model, the guy told me.

     So I can’t have it?

     No, it’s for display.

     Why do you need a display model? 

     To display the different coffee machines we have.

     So this display model is designed to get customers wanting one?


     It’s worked. I’ll have one.

     We’re out of stock.

     It could have gone on a while like this. I don’t think the guy would have ever clicked on that I was being sarcastic. But I let it go and left the shop. I went to another place and bought one. A place where they actually had the foresight to avoid advertising stuff they didn’t have.

     And I got it cheap because it was an ex-display model, ha ha.